3. How to get the best out of the virtual work experience

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We trust that you approach this virtual work experience with an open mind, enthusiasm, and integrity and would like to highlight a few of our ground rules for program participants:

  1. ‍Be A Good Human - We need you to be mature and follow your moral compass when engaging with the program, its participants, and organisers. Negative attitudes, harassment, bullying, and any other examples of offensive or inappropriate behaviour are taken very seriously.  ‍
  2. Respect the Community - We embrace students of all backgrounds, affiliations, and identities from all over the country, as they bring a wide representation of interests and experiences as well as a mix of ideas and skills to the party. Communicate, leave comments, and offer feedback with respect, kindness, and generosity.‍
  3. Be Curious and Open-Minded - Don’t be shy and take part in the social activity feed to exchange ideas and share knowledge. ‍
  4. Complete Weekly VideoAsk Check-ins – Every week, one of the Grandshake facilitators, will check in with you via VideoAsk. VideoAsk is a place where you can connect using video format with both your facilitators and industry professionals! Sometimes it will be used for your weekly activities too.Β 


Now let's see what your next 4 weeks are going to look like...