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Cardno is an international company operating in more than 100 countries with more than 4,000 employees, focusing on infrastructure, environmental, and social development. Cardno’s core mission is to improve physical and social environments and to make a difference in people’s lives around the world. 

Watch the videos below to find out what makes Cardno a great place to work in. #makingadifference

The team 

In the course of this program you'll have a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals from Cardno as well as to seek guidance from the community facilitator from Grandshake.

Meet your mentors

First up let's meet Alex Carling!

Alex is an experienced Geoscientist, with a geosciences undergraduate degree and a postgraduate qualification in spatial sciences, who is currently working as an Engineering Geologist and GIS Analyst at Cardno. Joining traditional ground investigations with digital workflows, Alex was able to speed up fieldwork, create a safer environment for staff, and allow for more detailed analysis of results from field investigations.

Next, we are excited to introduce you to Alisha Shaw!

Alisha will be your Program Facilitator. This means she'll be checking in with you every week to answer any questions and make sure you are on track.

You have now completed your onboarding and are all set to start your virtual work experience next week! See you again then!