7. Check-point

❌ close

Well done on reaching the end of this week’s content! 

This check-in point allows you to test your understanding of the industry background and to start thinking about your project. You’ll notice that the questions we’ve prepared don’t target precise knowledge, but rather encourage you to apply that knowledge to new situations and scenarios and to think critically. You don’t need to tackle all questions in one go, just make sure you submit everything by the end of the week. So take your time, do some additional research if you feel like it will help you give more comprehensive answers, and feel free to go back if you need a refresher.


To get you warmed up, we are kicking this check-point off with a quiz.


Opportunities are all about giving you a chance to think bigger, connect the dots, and express your opinion.

Opportunity 1 - Coming up with more applications for drone surveying in Australia

Opportunity 2 - Project-specific considerations


Take a moment to reflect on your first week of virtual work experience.

Great work this week! Next week, we'll begin planning your drone surveying project - don't forget to come back!