5. Let’s fly - extra resources for the extra keen

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When completing an official drone pilot license, you are required to demonstrate you can confidently fly a drone, meaning that you can manoeuvre it with precision. For instance, you need to be able to get your drone to fly in a figure 8.

During this program, you have 2 options of gaining experience in drone navigation:

Flying drone through a simulation

There are a couple of free resources available for download that give you a taste of what it’s like to control a drone.

  • Zephyr Drone Simulator - to access it you need to register on the website and download the program on to your computer. This simulator should work on both Mac and Windows, can be controlled by mouse and keyboard, and has a training session to get you familiar with the key drone operations
  • DJI Flight Simulator - this one is a bit less self-explanatory than the Zephyr one, but offers better graphics, and is only accessible on a Windows computer.

Flying your own drone (only if you own one, no need to buy anything!)

  1. If you own a drone at home, you can do this simulation at home!
  2. Watch this video to get an idea of the set up you will need for your practice flight
  3. You will require 4 objects or cones to mark the area where you will be flying. After you have placed them on the ground, attempt a series of simple exercise
  • Take off and controlled hovering
  • Flying up and down (changing altitude) on the same spot
  • Flying to each of the cones and hovering above them 
  • Bonus: Flying a figure 8

If you like you can record your virtual or live drone flying sessions and share a link showcasing your attempt on our social feed!

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