4. Virtual work experience outcomes

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Congratulations on completing your final task for this virtual work experience! Here, we’d like to celebrate your achievement by highlighting the knowledge and skills you have acquired (or strengthened).

In this virtual work experience you have been exposed to the concepts relevant to geoscience and drone surveying and saw how they get implemented into planning and preparing for a real-world drone piloting project. You have also learned about how to comply with national, reginal, and local regulations and restrictions ensuring that all drone operations are conducted safely and do not harm people, wildlife, and other aircrafts. You have worked with a variety of tools and programs to map your route, calculate an optimal flight altitude, determine if weather conditions are appropriate for the survey, do a flight simulation, and stitch imagery. Finally, you have not only contributed to a geotechnical risk assessment project, but also gained exposure to a wide range of drone survey applications, in both industry and research.  

You may not have noticed it, but you have had to rely on quite a number of skills to achieve all of that in just 4 short weeks! Here is the list of the skills you have used in this virtual work experience:

  • Problem solving, critical and analytical thinking 
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Strategic planning 
  • Personal management 
  • Environmental awareness 

Not bad, huh?! Take a moment and give yourself a massive pat on the back!

And of course we are not forgetting about your well-deserved industry certified microcredential titled ‘Drone Pilot and GIS Analyst Virtual Work Experience at Cardno’.

If you are interested in developing this knowledge and skill set further, keep on reading, as we’ve compiled a list of useful resources and future pathways for you to have a look at.

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