5. Career pathways and additional resources

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This virtual work experience is over, but it doesnโ€™t mean that your learning and personal development stop here. Have a look at the list of useful resources and possible pathways below to see if anything draws your attention or sparks your curiosity.

Drone pilot - profession overview - a quick run-down of all things related to operating a drone as a career, including a forecast of how in demand drone pilots will be in the future.

โ€Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) - AVI30419 - an overview of a vocational course on operating remotely piloted aircraft systems.

Drone pilot licence - some information on how to get a drone licence in Australia.

Drone pilot training - a list of organisations certified by Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), who provide remote pilot licence (RePL) training.

Australian Association for Unmanned Systems - Australiaโ€™s largest industry advocacy group supporting professional, safe, and commercially viable drone use on land, over sea, and in air.

She Maps website - a fantastic resource offering 6 educational STEM programs for different levels, all centered around drone operations and geoscience.

Drones in environmental science - an interesting read on how 4 scientists are using drones in their work, what challenges they face, and how the technology is changing our understanding of the world around us.

Have fun exploring these pathways and resources and share any relevant materials you have found yourself through our social feed!

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