3. Your final pitch

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Time for your final pitch – a chance to show off your skills to your mentors and industry experts 🙌

As we move on to your final pitch to your mentors (a quick 2-5 minute Videoask), these are some of the things we’d like you to cover.

  • How did you find the design process - what helped you most with planning your project
  • Take us through the different components of your survey (feel free to refer to your planning documents while doing this! For example, your pre-flight checklist and your forecast and weather reports.
  • Once you've recorded a video response, VideoAsk will direct you to upload your stitched image file.

Remember the communication tips from last week. Establish your talking points and if you do need to refer to a script, avoid sounding like you're reading a school essay. Try to keep your tone professional but engaging.

Thank you! We'll be sending your presentation off for mentor feedback now. Please allow 7-10 days for a response, and keep an eye out for your microcredential in your inbox.

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