4. Work experience outline

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This exciting program gives you an opportunity to develop all aspects of a large-scale sustainability-themed campaign for Inland Rail. As a Sustainability Consultant, you will come up with an initial campaign proposal, identify its local and global significance, suggest potential partnerships and community liaisons, plan the campaign roll-out schedule and communications strategy, and present an elevator pitch of your final product to the Inland Rail team of sustainability experts and champions.

Industries and areas of interest relevant to the program

Environmental science, sustainability (e.g., sustainable design, sustainable economy, resource management), public and occupational health and safety, governance, policymaking, training and development, community engagement and outreach (including partnerships with Indigenous communities), communications and marketing.

Learning activities

Here’s a rundown of what this program will look like in the next 4 weeks. As this is self-guided learning, it is recommended that you complete the program on a week-to-week basis to achieve the best results and to avoid getting swamped with the amount of information. 2-4 hours per week should be enough to do the weekly activities at a comfortable pace.

Week 1 - Job offer, project brief, industry induction, campaign ideation
Week 2 - Strategic planning of campaign activities and events
Week 3 - Campaign communications package
Week 4 - Campaign presentation

Aims and objectives

Knowledge and experience building

In this program, you will:

  • gain an understanding of the key disciplines and concepts relevant to the work of a Sustainability Consultant as well as their day-to-day tasks
  • conceptualise, pitch, and design an implementation plan for a large-scale sustainability campaign that closely aligns with Inland Rail values and best industry practices
  • research potential partnership and outreach opportunities for your campaign
  • receive feedback on your work and progress from the industry mentor and the program facilitator
  • self-reflect and assess your compatibility with the Sustainability Consultant career path
Skill development
  • Thinking: problem solving, creative thinking
  • Communication: visual, verbal, and written communication, storytelling, presentation
  • Global and intercultural fluency: diversity and disability awareness, social and cultural competence, environmental awareness
  • Leadership: strategic planning, inspirational value-driven leadership


In addition to gaining the knowledge, experience, industry exposure, and skills outlined in Aims and Objectives, the program participants who completed the entire virtual work experience will be awarded a certified microcredential titled ‘Sustainability Consultant Virtual Work Experience at Inland Rail’. Furthermore, the mentors will select the most compelling campaigns designed in the course of this program and work with the student to implement them across Inland Rail to increase sustainability awareness within its community.

As a final onboarding step, we'll go through a quick intro to Inland Rail and meet the team who'll be working with you...