4. Project brief

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At Inland Rail, we are committed to social, environmental, and economic sustainability and we are striving to implement best sustainable practices into all facets of our work and everyday lives. That’s where we need your help! As our newest Sustainability Consultant you will share your passion for and knowledge about environment, sustainability, and social accountability with Inland Rail employees and encourage positive change by developing an inspiring sustainability campaign for everyone in the program to engage in.

Here is what we are looking for in terms of the scope and structure of your future campaign:

  • Week 1: An introductory statement on campaign’s theme, its alignment with one of our 7 broad sustainability objectives (you’ll learn more about those in this week’s induction module), its local and global significance, objectives and desired outcomes
  • Week 2: Campaign plan detailing proposed activities and events for the campaign participants that will support the theme of the campaign and potential partnership opportunities
  • Week 3: Campaign sample communications packaging, including internal communications materials, public communications and outreach strategies, and examples of the campaign visual identity and design
  • Week 4: Complete campaign portfolio combining the deliverables created in weeks 1-3 + campaign video proposal pitch, highlighting its key benefits, summarising its roll-out plan, and emphasising its suitability for Inland Rail

We cannot wait to see where your creativity and enthusiasm take you and we will be excited to work with the most compelling and focused campaigns to bring them to life for the Inland Rail community!