8. Check-point

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Great job on working your way through this week’s agenda! 

This check-in point allows you to test your understanding of the industry background and to start thinking about your campaign. You’ll notice that the questions you’ll be answering don’t test your precise knowledge, but rather encourage you to draw on it to consider new situations and scenarios. You don’t need to tackle all questions in one go, just make sure you submit everything by the end of the week. If at any point you need to go back to refresh your knowledge or to search for additional resources online to better inform your responses, you are welcome to do so.


Let's kick things off with a short quiz.


Opportunities are all about hearing your perspective and giving you space to start developing your campaign ideas.

Opportunity 1 - Share your personal experiences with sustainability

Opportunity 2
- Building on these personal interests, actions, and observations, present the concept for your sustainability campaign.


Take a sec to let us know how you have been going so far.

That's it for Week 1 of your Sustainability Consultant virtual work experience - congrats on completing your induction! Come back in a week to start planning your campaign activities and events!

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