3. Purpose - the project's core

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All projects need to have a purpose. Without it a project will just fall apart. 

Think about it, if there is no end-goal in mind, it becomes hard to come up with a schedule or to explain your project to someone else or to track your performance. So, something like “I enjoy and do a lot of reading” is not a project because it’s directionless. But something like “I enjoy reading and I’d like to read more books by authors of colour this year” is without a doubt a project, albeit very early at its Initiation stage. To plan it further you can set specific milestones, such as reading at least one book by an author of colour each month and evaluating whether you are able to meet this goal as you go.

Project purpose check-point

Let’s give goal setting a try!

Just one thing before we get going: not everything needs to be turned into a project. It’s completely fine to do certain things just because they are fun, without quantifying and scheduling them or adding tasks to cross off your list. But it’s always good to consider whether what you are doing has a purpose and to be aware of the reasons why something lacks it (is it because this activity doesn’t need a purpose beyond being enjoyable or because you haven’t identified this purpose yet?). 

With this in mind, let’s take a moment to think about the purpose of your campaign.

Why design a campaign? 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Let's now move on to looking at what you need to pay attention to when planning a campaign...