4. Pitch delivery

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You have now prepared your pitch script and are ready to move on to recording it. In public speaking (even if it’s speaking in front of the camera with no actual audience in the room with you) what you say is just as important as how you say it. That means that the way you deliver your pitch is going to have as much influence on your audience as the content of your pitch.

To get some general advice on speaking with confidence, watch the video below. It goes through and expands on things you have already learned during these past couple of weeks, like being clear and concise, but it also gives pointers on engaging delivery, like maintaining eye contact, and highlights the importance of practicing.


You’ve heard it many times before, but practice really does make perfect when it comes to public speaking. If you don't practise, it's likely that you'll talk too fast, sound stilted, or forget important elements of your pitch. So make sure you practise your campaign marketing pitch a few times before recording it and sending it off to the Inland Rail Sustainability team. It might be a good idea to practise in front of a mirror so that you become more aware of your facial expressions, eye contact, and gestures. 

Good luck with practising your final pitch! We look forward to receiving your submissions soon!

Campaign pitch check-point

It’s time to submit your campaign pitch in response to the VideoAsk below. Don’t worry if you stumble or are not happy with your first attempt. You can always re-record your pitch and submit the version you are confident in!

Once you've recorded a video response, VideoAsk will direct you to upload your campaign poster.

Thank you! We'll be sending your presentation off for mentor feedback now. Please allow 7-10 days for a response, and keep an eye out for your microcredential in your inbox.