5. Virtual work experience outcomes

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Congratulations on completing your final task for this virtual work experience! Here, we’d like to celebrate your achievement by highlighting the knowledge and skills you have acquired (or strengthened).

In this virtual work experience you have been exposed to the concepts of social, economic, and environmental sustainability and saw how these broad and abstract concepts get translated to a set of actionable values and initiatives, creating workplace sustainability culture. You have also learned about the stages of project management, and have taken your project, a sustainability campaign, through ideation and planning. Finally, you have contributed to the development of your campaign’s marketing and communication assets, which are essential for community engagement and public outreach. 

The skills you have used to successfully complete all these tasks are problem solving, strategic planning, and creativity; visual, verbal, and written communication; storytelling and presentation; and social, cultural, and environmental awareness. Not bad for just 4 weeks, don’t you think? And don't forget, you are also getting your industry certified microcredential titled ‘Sustainability Consultant Virtual Work Experience at Inland Rail’ to recognise your achievement.

If you are interested in developing this knowledge and skill set further, keep on reading, as we’ve compiled a list of useful resources and future pathways for you to have a look at.