6. Future pathways and additional resources

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This virtual work experience is over, but it doesn’t mean that your learning and personal development stop here. Have a look at the list of useful resources and possible pathways below to see if anything sparks your curiosity. 

If you are interested in sustainability...

Tertiary education in sustainability in Australia - this link leads to a list of sustainability-related courses offered in Australian universities.

CSIRO’s sustainability pathways - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) sustainability-driven projects.

Glimpses of Utopia by Jess Scully - a recent book on social, economical, and environmental sustainability initiatives around the world written by an Australian author. An optimistic read on what can be done/is being done now to ensure we live in a fairer future.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates - also a recent release taking a deep dive into responding to climate change and global warming by achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are interested in marketing, advertising, communication, and public relations...

Study marketing in Australia: Top 5 universities and colleges - a list of selected Australian universities and colleges offering degrees and diplomas in marketing.

And here’s a more extensive list of Australian universities offering Bachelor degrees in marketing and related fields.

Crash Course series on Business: Entrepreneurship and Media Literacy - these free YouTube courses cover core aspects of marketing and digital communication. They are not only relevant to what we have covered in our virtual work experience, but also useful if you’d like to get a broader perspective on business development.

Have fun exploring these pathways and resources and let us know if you know of any relevant materials in our social feed!