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Career Discovery

Welcome to your first day as a Junior Digital Engineer! 🤗

Digital Engineers are the bridge between technology and large-scale construction. They use digital tools like data management and 3D design to make ideas a reality, in a more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally-friendly way  🙌 We're thrilled to help you explore this rewarding career path. Find out if it's right for you in this Discovery experience!

First, download your Memobook! 👋

Before we jump into it, make sure you download your virtual work experience Memobook.

Your Memobook will serve as a diary, brainstorm, and research document. You'll also need it for a number of activities throughout your work experience.

Let's go!

1. How digital engineering is changing the game

Large scale infrastructure projects involve a lot of people from a lot of different fields working on them.

Each field uses different softwares and formats to store information (or assets). Digital Engineers find a way to combine them, so people can share data in productive ways.

You may also have heard of the concept of the ‘digital twin’. Imagine you’re engineering a car, plane, or train – wouldn’t it be useful if you could see exactly what it would look like and how it would function, before it was built? Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical objects, updated with real-time data and providing crucial information about how an asset will operate in the real world. 

For your first task, we want you to go to page 2 of your Memobook. 🙌

Research five benefits of using Digital Engineering in construction and write 3-5 sentences elaborating on each.

Now you know what Digital Engineering is all about, let's discover what a day-in-the-life of a Digital Engineer actually looks like...

Watch the video from your mentor, Mathilde, below.

Psst 👀 want to see live stats on Digital Engineering job openings, employers, salaries and skills? You can find them here.

Great work so far! Before you head on to the next page, it's time for a little Ponder Prompt 💡

Feel free to draw on and add to the notes in your Digital Engineering Memobook.

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