4. Meet your mentors

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Let's go over a few introductions and meet the mentors behind your virtual work experience! Watch the videos below to find out more about what they do.


Introducing...Mathilde—our information management guru. She is passionate about utilising data and  digital information to bullet-proof large-scale infrastructure projects through data-driven decision making. Mathilde has practised her expertise all around the world; we’re talking the UK, Middle East, India, Hong Kong and more! Currently, Mathilde is flexing her digital engineering and information management expertise on the multi-billion dollar Inland Rail project.


Meet your digital engineering extraordinaire, Leigh! Leigh is a trailblazer when it comes to having a cool career journey. Pocketing qualifications in 3D design, computer visualisation, virtual reality, entrepreneurship and industrial design; it’s no wonder he’s an absolute champion in his field. In the beginnings of Leigh’s career, Leigh worked as a Lead Artist within indie and large-scale creative studios. He worked on projects such as GTA 4 & 5, Happy Feet 2 and Star Wars - The Clone Wars (wild right!). Then, in an unexpected turn, Leigh joined Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project, Inland Rail, as a Digital Engineer. Leigh is a head honcho in developing, organising and cataloging digital visualisations from schematics to convey engineering and construction processes. 


Adrian is an experienced Engineer, with an engineering degree in computer system and postgraduate qualification in management, who is currently working as a System Architect at ARTC as part of the Advanced Train Management System (ATMS) programme. As part of the ATMS programme, Adrian has worked as part of a team to design and develop a leading edge digital train management solution that provides significant safety improvements and reduces operational and maintenance costs.

And your facilitator    


Alisha is an experienced Community Coordinator, with qualifications in Social Science, Community Services and People Performance. Alisha is currently working to support and empower all the students that take part in our virtual work experiences, from weekly video check-ins to fortnightly Q&A sessions with industry experts. Alisha is passionate about building foundational skills and knowledge for the younger generation.

Now that you've met your mentors, let's find out what company you'll be working for...