1. Data management

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Data management is the golden thread that runs through the lifecycle of every digital engineering project – from planning, to construction, to handover.

When you think of engineering, data management might not be the first thing that comes to mind. It's not as flashy as virtual reality and AI. In reality, it's difficult to understate the role and importance of a foolproof data strategy in large-scale infrastructure projects.

Data management is what makes the flashy stuff possible.

To be a Digital Engineer, you need to know how to look at a project and assess what data you'll need from who, how you will store it, and how you will share that data to allow for cross-team collaboration.

Watch the video below to learn how and why data is managed by Digital Engineers.

This Intermediate-level task will require you to 1) get a wholistic understanding of your Toowoomba Tunnel ATMS project requirements and objectives 2) draw up a data strategy that will allow for effective collaboration across all project team members involved in fulfilling those requirements.

Let's start by breaking down the components of your project, including what exactly ATMS is... 🤔

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