3. Industry introduction

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Why is digital engineering important?

Large scale projects, such as building a 6KMย  tunnel, involve a lot of people from different backgrounds and fields working on them.ย 

Each field has its own way of storing information (or assets) that is created by a team of professionals in the field.ย 

Each team uses different softwares and different formats to store their work.

Digital engineers find an efficient way to combine them!ย 

They come up with a system that all teams can use when creating and storing their work. In transport, this system involves creating 3D models and designs that can be used to show the client exactly what their requested project will look like.ย 

Watch this video about the Digital Engineering Framework (way of working) to get a better idea of how projects are carried out in the transport industry.


Ponder Prompt

For our next task, we want you to head to the community feed here and make a post answering the following ponder prompts:
  • How did the construction team decide how long and wide the tunnel will be and what features it will need to have? List some of the things that they would have to consider (list at least three).