1. Digital design

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What is digital design and why does it matter?

At the start of every large-scale project is a danger zone where your understanding of the project is low, but the importance of decision making is very high. What you decide in the early stages can have massive repercussions on delivery, in terms of cost and timeline, and the lifecycle of the product. Digital design methods combine data from previous projects with existing design understanding to make informed decisions and mitigate risks. 

With virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology rapidly evolving, Digital Engineering is an exciting field to be in. The possibilities for simulation and modelling are endless.

Watch the video below, which explains what digital twins are, how they work, and why they will form such a huge part of engineering and construction sectors in the future.

To create these models, Digital Engineers use a project management framework called BIM (or Business Information Modelling).

One outcome of BIM used by Digital Engineers is 3D modelling.

Check out the 3D model that was created by the Inland Rail team. Spend a couple of minutes navigating the model to visualise what it will look like and what additional safety features it has (this will come in handy in your next activity).


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