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How do we make a 3D model?

CAD (or Computer Aided Design) software is used to create 2D or 3D visualisations.

The CAD software that we will use to create our 3D model is Sketchup. This is probably a new platform to you and might take some getting used to, but we're here to help. Dive into the introduction below and take your time learning the basics.

Sketch-up Crash Course

To work on your 3D model, you will need access to Sketchup, an online 3D modelling platform. Let’s get you logged in this week so you are ready to go for the next week.

  1. Go to https://www.sketchup.com/try-sketchup#for-higher-education
  2. Follow the login instructions (use your school email)
  3. Then go to https://app.sketchup.com/app and login

Navigating your Sketchup model... ✍️

It’s time to build your Sketchup model!

We understand that learning 3D modelling can be challenging and take up some time. This could take up to 2 or more hours.

Watch the video below for a quick introduction on how to use Sketchup:

Below is a quick guide to important buttons that will help you navigate...

Take a couple of minutes to play around with these and navigate the model.

  1. Walk button opens up the “walk, “position camera” and “look around” buttons
  2. Walk : lets you navigate by dragging your mouse to wherever you want to go.
  3. Position camera: lets you pick up the “person” and place it wherever you want the view from  (like Streetview in Google maps)
  4. Look around: lets you look in all directions (360 degrees) when you zoom in/out

More navigation buttons...
  1. Orbit: opens up the “orbit”, “pan” and “zoom” buttons 
  2. orbit : lets you use you look at the model from all directions by clicking and dragging
  3. pan  : lets you move side to side or up and down when you click and drag
  4. Lets you zoom in and out

The 3D warehouse…

The warehouse has a lot of stored models for you to use. For example, if you wanted to put a lightbulb into your tunnel, all you have to do is:

1. Click on the icon to the left in the right hand side toolbar 

2. Search up “light bulb”

3. Choose one you like

4. And it’ll give you a 3D light bulb that you can place into your tunnel.

Finally, watch the video below for a quick overview on how to label things in your 3D model...

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