3. Create a 3D model

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We’ve given you a 3D model of the tunnel for you to add your ATMS elements to.

You can download the model by opening the link here and downloading the file via the download icon in the top right hand corner of the page (see the image below).

Once downloaded, open the file using the Sketchup application on your computer.

Now that you've downloaded the file, we need to add the information from our ATMS design into the 3D model

When making the 3D model, you have to consider:

  • Where things will go
  • Why they go there

What you need to do in your model:

  1. Add in the sensors - these can be shapes you create or things you find in the 3D Warehouse
  2. Add in the Tunnel Access Interface
  3. Label all the things you’re adding into separate components (i.e. tunnel infrastructure and ATMS components) so we can look them up later.

Take your time with editing your model. Remember, you’re learning a new skill that takes time to learn. If you’re having trouble, feel free to look up other resources or message us!

Remember to keep the link with your design handy for submission next week!

...and that's it, amazing work ⭐️

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