6. The 3rd dimension

โŒ close

Now that weโ€™ve covered everything you need to know, we can move onto the final stages of the design process - making your 3D model!

To work on your 3D model, you will need access to Sketchup, an online 3D modelling platform. Letโ€™s get you logged in this week so you are ready to go for the next week.ย 

  1. Go to https://www.sketchup.com/try-sketchup#for-higher-educationย 
  2. Follow the login instructions (use your school email)
  3. Then go to https://app.sketchup.com/app and login

If you are having any trouble, please get in touch with us!


Congratulations - that's it for week 2! โœจ