4. Connecting the ATMS

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Let’s figure out how to connect the safety considerations to the ATMS ⚡️

Below is your ATMS Builder Toolbox. In it, we have

  • Inbuilt tunnel infrastructure - things that are already a part of tunnel 
  • Existing tunnel structures and technologies (they detect when things have gone wrong)
  • Ways in which these sensors communicate 

Your job is to choose how you are going to connect each of these aspects to make your own ATMS. You will have to think about the following 🧠 :

  • What information each of these will send to each other 
  • How this information is exchanged (i.e. what signal) 
  • How the ATMS will respond 
  • How this will influence the movement of the train

A good way to do this would be to create a flowchart, but since this is your design, you can present it in any way you feel will help you communicate best - think diagrams with pictures, powerpoint animations, drawings or plain sentences. 

Go crazy 🤪  - we’d love to see what you come up with! And don’t forget to save your design for next week.

On the next page you will find an example ATMS...