6. Sketchup crash course

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How did you go with logging into Sketchup web last week?

If you haven’t yet logged in, click here and follow instructions from Week 2 - “The 3rd dimension”.

If you’re having any trouble, message us!

Navigating your Sketchup model... ✍️

It’s time to build your Sketchup model!

We understand that learning 3D modelling can be challenging and take up some time. This could take up to 2 or more hours.

Watch the video below for a quick introduction on how to use Sketchup:

Below is a quick guide to important buttons that will help you navigate...

Take a couple of minutes to play around with these and navigate the model.

  1. Walk button opens up the “walk, “position camera” and “look around” buttons
  2. Walk : lets you navigate by dragging your mouse to wherever you want to go.
  3. Position camera: lets you pick up the “person” and place it wherever you want the view from  (like Streetview in Google maps)
  4. Look around: lets you look in all directions (360 degrees) when you zoom in/out

More navigation buttons...
  1. Orbit: opens up the “orbit”, “pan” and “zoom” buttons 
  2. orbit : lets you use you look at the model from all directions by clicking and dragging
  3. pan  : lets you move side to side or up and down when you click and drag
  4. Lets you zoom in and out

The 3D warehouse…

The warehouse has a lot of stored models for you to use. For example, if you wanted to put a lightbulb into your tunnel, all you have to do is:

1. Click on the icon to the left in the right hand side toolbar 

2. Search up “light bulb”

3. Choose one you like

4. And it’ll give you a 3D light bulb that you can place into your tunnel.

Finally, watch the video below for a quick overview on how to label things in your 3D model...