4. Next steps...

❌ close

Now that you have completed your Junior Digital Engineer virtual work experience you will be receiving a micro-credential in your email inbox so look out for that.

Watch this video from your community facilitator Alisha to celebrate all of the grand things you have learnt over the past 4 weeks, and discover your next steps...🐾

Over the course of this virtual work experience, along with the practical skills you have gained, you have also developed your skillset in the following areas:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving 🧠
  • Organisation and planning πŸ“–
  • Data processing and interpretation πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»
  • Written communication, argumentation, and reasoning ✍️

How cool is that?!

When you're ready, head to the next page to discover some of the potential career pathways for the skills you have gained!