6. Pathways

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Future pathways and additional resources

This virtual work experience is coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that your learning and personal development stop here. Have a look at the list of useful resources and possible pathways below to see if anything sparks your curiosity ⚡️

Explore the pathways and projects in design & digital engineering: 

Fields of engineering to explore - this link leads you to information about the kind of things you can design in different fields of engineering as well as what education/skills you would need

Importance of engineering design in our world - Shows you why the design process is important in solving problems in our world. The organisation also offers interactive engineering work experiences 

3D design applications - a link to a community of people who use 3D design and animation in creative applications (like making games)

Digital engineering updates/news - twitter feed that showcases the latest projects in digital engineering and 3D design

Cool engineering projects - instagram page to help you stay on top of cool projects in the engineering world

Future study in digital engineering - website that lists out all institutions offering courses relevant to digital engineering that you can study into the future!

Have fun exploring these pathways and resources and let us know if you know of any relevant materials in our social feed!