4. Project plan

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Just as we discussed last week, a good project plan is structured around your OBJECTIVES and SCOPE.

Before you leap into designing a critical path, it’s crucial to gather all the puzzle pieces in one place so you and your team know what you’re working with, and what information you'll need to collect. For example, ecology surveys and cultural heritage assessments 🍃

What does a clear Project Plan do? 

A clear Project Plan ensures that:

  • Specific and necessary activities are clearly defined
  • Time and resources don't go to waste
  • The correct information is delivered at the correct time to teams working on the project

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Complete your Project Plan in a separate document OR with pen and paper, by adding the relevant information under the headings and subheadings provided in the template below.

You'll find useful dates and information on the second page.

⚠️ Don’t forget to save your plan for your final week’s submission ⚠️