3. Ready to submit?

❌ close
Time for your final pitch – a chance to show off your skills to your mentors and industry experts 🙌

As we move on to your final presentation (a quick 2-5 minute Videoask), these are some of the things we’d like you to cover.

  • How did you find the design process - what helped you most with designing your EIS
  • Take us through how your critical path was impacted along the way (feel free to look at your critical path while you’re talking us through this)
  • Talk about the components that needed to be changed or added...
  • Why you added them...
  • Where you added them and why you chose that point along the project
  • Once you've recorded a video response, VideoAsk will direct you to upload a) your EIS and then b) a photo/file of your refined critical path.

Thank you! We'll be sending your presentation off for mentor feedback now. Please allow 7-10 days for a response, and keep an eye out for your microcredential in your inbox.