6. Revisit your design brief

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Last week, you drafted a bare-bones project management plan for the Toowoomba tunnel project. Maybe you used a flowchart or a timeline, or just a good old fashioned list. Well, now it’s time to flesh out that plan into something more substantial. This is how real-world civil engineers refine their projects along the construction process.

Using your surveyor and geotech data, adapt your basic timeline from Week 1 to take into account unforeseen impacts.Β  For example, needing to modify what equipment is required, sustainability considerations, and the tunnel alignment.Β 



- Incorporate a table

- Feel free to use pen and paper if you find it easier to visualise your thoughts that way!


While you're at it, watch the Inland Rail video below, which shows how that raw data is interpreted and used to inform large-scale project designs. From start to finish, you’ll be tweaking your project plans based on data – thinking on your feet and thinking smart.Β