1. Get inspired

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Hello, fellow Civil Construction Cadets! It’s been a pleasure being part of your civil construction journey with you. You've reached the very last Task in your work experience - go you!! 🙌 🎉

This wrap-up task is going to be a little bit different. With all the skills and knowledge you've accumulated over this work experience, you're ready to take things one step further...


It’s time to push the boundaries and get creative. 

The world, our climate, and technologies are all rapidly evolving. Things that seemed impossible fifty years ago seems to be right on the horizon. The way we think about and conduct construction and infrastructure projects has to evolve too, not only to incorporate modern advances and make leaps in society, but also to make sure our planet is safeguarded for future generations to come.

Here are a couple of videos to get you thinking about how construction is changing...

For this gold-level task, you’ll be asked to propose and outline a project that is innovative and future thinking. Think big and think bold.

You’ll then pitch your idea to industry experts. 

Every month, Grandshake will host a Future Ideas Spotlight – a feature blog for stand-out pitches that’s all about you, your idea, and your passion.

So let’s get into it! 🙌


Step 1: Get an idea of the areas that you might like to explore

In this work experience, you've considered a range of distinct yet complementary specialities under the civil engineering banner, including surveying and geotechnics. It's up to you what you want to hone in on – maybe you're interested in how we can make our cities greener and more sustainable, or maybe, you want to propose another tunnelling or rail-related project.

For example, you might be interested in:

- How artificial intelligence and virtual reality can be integrated into civil engineering

- The idea of 'smart cities'

- Robotics and drone usage in construction

- Alternative building materials

- Self-sufficient transportation

Want more inspo? The following article also contains some really cool projects that are changing the game, so make sure you check it out!

You can focus on large-scale solutions – for example, a huge project, like a transportation hub or city-plan, or small-scale solutions and projects that the average layperson can make use of.

Find your passion in this field and tell us about it.

Of course, we don't expect you to know all the technical aspects of how you would implement your idea!

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