7. Future pathways

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This virtual work experience is coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that your learning and personal development stop here. We’ve dipped our toes into a few lines of work: planning, geoscience, surveying, and construction.

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Remember, your career journey, like life, is not a straight line - there's many different roads that can get you to where you want to go. Take your mentors, for example. They all come from different backgrounds and interests, but share the same passion for engineering and innovation that you do!

Growing up in Auckland, I was fascinated by natural hazards like earthquakes and volcanology, and developed a passion for geology early in high school. I now have 20 years of geological and geotechnical consulting experience in a diverse range of mega-projects. - Andrew Newson

My journey began as a bricklayer with an interest in science and maths. I completed a Civil Engineering degree and then went on to work on large-scale road and bridge projects. My passion lies in bringing people together and working on something that’s worthwhile, and being thrown into a challenge and working with a team to get through them. - Pierre Blom

I’ve always loved maths and building things in my shed at home, but I went into engineering without a complete understanding the different types of engineering available. That’s why I think programs like Grandshake are so valuable. - Nathan Roberts

In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of useful resources and possible pathways below to see if anything sparks your curiosity. 

Explore the pathways and projects civil construction can lead to:

Study Work Grow - this handy resource is an Australian-based goldmine of study, work experience, and career path information. Check out their construction-focused page here.

Credly - Real-time insights into job openings, salary ranges, top employers and related skills to civil engineering.

Fields of engineering to explore - this link leads you to information about the kind of things you can design in different fields of engineering as well as what education/skills you would need

Cool engineering projects - instagram page to help you stay on top of cool projects in the engineering world

What kind of engineer are you? - this is a quiz to get you thinking about the different types of engineering and what you'd best be suited to

Have fun exploring these pathways and resources and let us know if you know of any relevant materials in our social feed!