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Welcome to your first day as a Systems and Signals Operator! πŸ€—

This program will introduce you to the functions, history, and principles of railway signalling systems, while also deep-diving into what the career of a Rail Network Controller looks like.

Network Controllers are like the orchestra conductors or chess masters of the world of rail. On a day-to-day basis, they control the movements of trains in accordance with the timetable.Β 

As a Network Controller, it's your job to manage communication with other signallers and control rooms, train drivers and track workers, and ensure trains get from one location to the other safely. You also need to think quick and smart when unexpected railway problems arise, and liaise with field workers to enable safe access to the rails.

This is a high-responsibility job – peoples' jobs and livelihoods rely on the railway, and you have a lot of lives in your hands!

It's also incredibly important, if you ask us. 😎 We're thrilled to help you explore this rewarding career path. Find out if it's right for you in this Discovery experience!

First, download your Memobook! πŸ‘‹

Before we jump into it, make sure you download your virtual work experience Memobook.

‍Your Memobook will serve as a diary, brainstorm, and research document. You'll also need it for a number of activities throughout your work experience.

Let's go!


1. Who does a Network Controller work with?Β 


Network controllers have to liaise with and coordinate many different other professions in a smooth operation. For example, maintenance workers and emergency services.This means having a good understanding of who each of these other professions are and what they do.


‍For your first task, we want you to go to page 2 of your Memobook. πŸ™Œ

Research and identify 3 other types of workers that a Network Controller would have to communicate with on a regular basis, and write 3-5 sentences elaborating how each of them relate to the the Network Controller.

Now you know what Systems and Signalling is all about, let's discover what a day-in-the-life of a Network Controller actually looks like...

Watch the video from your mentor, Ross, below.


Psst πŸ‘€ want to see live stats on Systems-related job openings, employers, salaries and skills? You can find stats on signalling jobs here and rail safety ones here.

‍Great work so far! Before you head on to the next page, it's time for a little Ponder Prompt πŸ’‘

Feel free to draw on and add to the notes in your Memobook.




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