6. Future pathways

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This virtual work experience is coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that your learning and personal development stop here. We’ve dipped our toes into a few lines of work: rail safety, signals design engineering, and signalling systems operation.

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In the meantime, we’ve put together some useful resources and possible pathways below to see if anything sparks your curiosity.

Study Work Grow - this handy resource is an Australian-based goldmine of study, work experience, and career path information. Check out their transport-focused page here, or their IT, networking, and communications page here.

Credly - Real-time insights into job openings, salary ranges, top employers and related skills to signalling and rail safety

Defence force careers- signalling systems apply across a whole range of fields, not just railway systems. If you’re interested in a military career, signalling is a great option. This link leads you to information about the kind of role that a signals officer in the army does.

Have fun exploring these resources and let us know if you know of any relevant materials in our social feed!

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