4. Meet your mentors

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It's time to meet your mentors

First up we have Daniel!

Having started as an Apprentice Signal Electrician in 1996, Daniel is now an experienced and resourceful Railway Signal Engineer, Signal Designer, Project Manager and Project Engineer. He has a sound knowledge in signalling infrastructure and control systems, standards and procedures, experience in signalling maintenance management and asset management, as well as an ability to organise and manage staff, identify and implement innovative solutions, strong problem solving skills and a thorough understanding of managing rail safety and duty of care.

Next, we have Alisha, your Grandshake facilitator 🙌

Alisha is an experienced Community Coordinator, with qualifications in Social Science, Community Services and People Performance. Alisha is currently working to support and empower all the students that take part in our virtual work experiences, from weekly video check-ins to fortnightly Q&A sessions with industry experts. Alisha is passionate about building foundational skills and knowledge for the younger generation.

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