1. Microprogram induction

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Good communication will make your work life easier and help you advance your career, no matter what profession you choose in the future.

Being able to clearly express your ideas, understand and empathise with others and ask for clarification from colleagues is critical to being part of a collaborative workplace.

When you finish this short, 40-minute Upskilling microprogram you will gain soft skills to help you navigate the real world/your future career

What will I learn?📚

You will learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills including how to be a better listener, mastering your first impression, the art of persuasion and how to control the flow of the conversation.

What can I expect? 🤔

Working through this online course at your own pace should take less than 40 minutes. You will watch a series of short videos, do small activities and answer a questionnaire.

What’s next? ➡️

Once you have successfully completed three of our microprograms you will be rewarded with a Microcredential Badge. This badge is something you can show off on LinkedIn or on your resume to future potential employers.

Here at Grandshake we will be releasing a new microprogram each month. Sign up here to stay in the loop! ⚡

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