4. Pathos

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Using emotion triggers action, which is why Pathos is so important to persuasion. 

Hear from Charlotte and Alisha about how you can deploy Pathos and techniques to use. 🎥

TED Talks curator Chris Anderson told the Harvard Business Review that:

 “The stories that can generate the best connection are stories about you personally or about people close to you. Tales of failure, awkwardness, misfortune, danger or disaster, told authentically, hastens deep engagement.” 

It’s why brands are deploying storytelling in their marketing to convince you to buy a certain brand of toilet paper or switch your car insurance.

They could just show us their credibility and data to tell us why we should buy from them, but we’re more likely to connect with a story than a statistic.

Back to the job hunt…

Each person you interact with on the journey to land a new job has an agenda and unique interest in advancing the best candidate. 

They must walk away from each discussion with you feeling good: good about you, good about recommending you and good about the value proposition you represent to them and their superiors as well as other members of their organization.

It takes practice and effort to sharpen your skill of persuasion. Be mindful of the merits of Ethos, Logos and Pathos in your communications and you will reap connections and results.

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