3. Building a reputation

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If you want to be known for something, you have to put yourself out there in the public forum and receive feedback.

Here’s some tips on how to control the conversation about yourself and create influence.

A Cornell University study revealed there are six basic principles of how one person might influence another. 

These are:

  • liking 
  • reciprocation
  • consistency 
  • scarcity
  • social validation
  • and authority

You can use the theory of “social proof” to push your professional profile forward and build a reputation in your field. If you offer a service or sell a product, ask your customers for testimonials and share these online to inspire others to trust you. If you want to be a public speaker, record your speeches and post them publicly for feedback.

Be your own hype machine. 💪

The more people you have talking about you, the more likely people are to use your services, buy your product or recommend you. 

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