4. Keep your communication simple and engaging

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Don’t overcomplicate what you have to say. You might think that big words will impress, but keeping it clear and simple is the way to go. Plus, telling a short story here and there doesn’t hurt either.

Using humour and storytelling are two key ways to engage someone, hold their attention and get your message across. You can use storytelling to weave a message into a common experience.

Let’s say you’re learning to knit. That’s awesome. You’re learning a new skill and this is a great time to share your progress.

Don’t brag about it by saying, “look at me, I’m so great and I can do everything - even knitting!”

Instead, tell a story about why you started knitting. Perhaps your grandma knits, so she wanted to pass that skill on to you, and through the challenge of learning this new hobby you learnt something about yourself.

Maybe through knitting you learnt lessons about patience, having a beginner’s mindset and forgiving errors or failures on the path to success. Sharing this online or in conversation allows other people to discover something interesting about you and your values.

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