2. Final exercises and wrap-up

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Communication skills are about the interactions we have with others. These exercises, while done alone, aim to flex those muscles and get you thinking.

Activity 1: Think about a time where you didn’t communicate as well as you could have.

Maybe you lost an argument, or won but made the other person feel bad. Write down what you wish you had said instead.

Activity 2: Take a business idea and write a 100-word persuasive elevator pitch.

Don’t have an idea? Look for an object near you or think of a problem you had today and solve it with a fictitious product.

Activity 3: Record a 1-2 minute video or audio as an icebreaker speech

Respond to the videoask below by introducing yourself, tell us something interesting about you - your future self, what you are working on or aiming to be. Show us your character, give us some proof points or evidence and tell a story.

Now watch the video back and analyse yourself. Are you happy with it? What would you change? If you have the time, try a second time.

... and that's it! Congratulations on completing the microprogram 'Fundamentals of Communication'!

Don't forget to claim your badge of completion here! Feel free to share it with your teachers, on your socials, with your friends, or even on your resume to show off your new skill! Congratulations 🎉

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