2. Empathy in problem solving

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Often you will be solving problems not just for yourself, but for other people.

Us humans have a natural desire to solve problems. We don’t want to see people we like in pain, so we offer unsolicited advice to help them out of their muck.

After offering a friend a fresh perspective or obvious solution to their own problem, you might feel like you’re owed a gold friendship star.

But maybe they weren’t ready for the solution. Maybe they needed to feel heard, like in this video It’s Not About the Nail.

Good leaders know how to deploy empathy when solving problems with their team or an individual.

Rather than rushing in, using authority to choose a solution or telling it straight, they take a more mindful approach.

Empathetic problem solving is understanding someone else’s perspective on the issue and using communication techniques like listening and questioning to help nurture solutions.

Below is a checklist outlining the fundamentals of empathetic problem solving ✅

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