3. Working as a team

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Working on group assignments at school or uni are the worst examples of teamwork. More often than not someone is carrying the team, while someone else is slacking off or not contributing enough.

In the working world, things are different and working well as a team is essential to the success of the business and your career. Here’s how to be a great team player...

In a workplace environment you will frequently need to cooperate as a team. Understanding your role and knowing your own strengths is a great start. 

Next step is to learn about your colleagues.

We all have different strengths and working styles so put in the effort to understand your teammates and how they shine. 

In a workplace environment it’s less about what you do as an individual and more about what you achieve as a team. 

If you notice one of your colleagues is swamped with work and you have time, offer to help them.

If you notice one of your colleagues is not delivering their part, schedule a meeting to ask them why.

It’s important that each person does their part to help the wider team finish projects or hit deadlines on time.

Communicating openly and acting like a team player is how to win in business. 🏆

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