3. Finding your career match

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Now that you have defined your personal values and career values, it’s time to find a career and company to match. Some of your career values will relate to the type of job or work you wish to do, while others will relate back to the environment you will work in.

That’s why it’s essential to feel comfortable and confident about what you stand for when it comes to applying for jobs.

Do your research

When you apply for a job you should always do your research on the company so you can angle your application to suit them. During this process you will no doubt visit the company website and likely read an “About Us” page that speaks about what the company stands for and its values as a business.

This is your first chance to see if the business aligns with your values and dreams.

Then land that job interview

Going into a job interview you might feel the pressure to perform and show off your best self. That’s true, but remember: interviews go two ways.

Sure, they are asking you questions to see if you have the right attitude, the experience and will be a good cultural fit.

You can – and should – do the same thing. It shows you are paying attention and are invested in the process of finding a job. Ask them about what the workplace culture is like. Or if you saw the company was environmentally minded, ask what that looks like in action. 

Don’t be afraid to ask them difficult questions such as about work/life balance, flexible work-from-home arrangements or your salary expectations. 

It might seem obvious, but getting hired is only the beginning. You’ll be spending a lot of time in this role, and you should take the opportunity to make sure you will actually enjoy and thrive in it.

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