1. How to contribute to a positive workplace culture

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A positive workplace culture and environment is about having a space where you feel safe and like you belong, where your achievements and hard work are recognised and rewarded, and where you feel empowered and motivated to help the company succeed.

While employers and businesses can set the tone for a positive workplace culture, ultimately employees shape what that looks like. After all, culture is a living breathing thing and it’s no good having a “positive workplace culture” plan on paper if it is not out there in action.

A positive workplace….

  • Makes your feel comfortable and safe
  • Has transparent, trustworthy and accessible leaders
  • Makes employee interactions and communication easy
  • Encourages social connections at work
  • Supports employees to feel happy and bring positivity to work
  • Uses positive reinforcement to encourage staff
  • Celebrates staff with recognition and rewards 

And a positive culture is good for business. According to the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends survey, Deloitte found organisations that craft an inclusive culture are much more likely to be high performing, innovative and agile, and smash any financial targets.

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