1. Final exercises

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Congratulations on getting to the final part of this microprogram 🥳

For these final exercises we recommend getting a pen 🖊  and paper 📄  to write down your answers to the following questions...

1. Think of the last time you worked in a team. Were there any behaviours from others that annoyed you?

Do you think you would have done things differently in their position, and if so, how? 

2. Life experiences change how we see the world and ourselves. Is there a value that you have today, that you didn’t have five years ago?  

3. You have a job interview coming up. Create a list of 5 questions you want to ask the interviewer.

4. In your job interview, you have been asked to describe a past experience that demonstrates your good work ethic. How would you respond?

5. List a goal that you want to accomplish by A) the end of the week B) by the end of the month C) the end of the year.

Evaluate these goals and see if they are a reflection of one (or more) of your personal and professional values.

6. Plan and pitch an initiative that you believe will contribute to a positive workplace culture.

For example, a charity event or monthly team lunch. 

... and finally

7. What is a small project – personal or professional – that you have been putting off or haven’t gotten around to completing? Create a realistic and achievable timeline for finishing it, and hold yourself accountable or ask someone close to you to consistently check on your progress.

And that's it! Let's head to the final page to finish up this microprogram 💪

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