1. Introduction to the program

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What you'll get out of it

Be it in our work, relationships, mental wellbeing or sense of purpose, self-awareness paves the road of growth and personal development. When it comes to the workplace, the better you understand your strengths and weaknesses and your learning style, the better equipped you’ll be to reach your full potential. 

Self-awareness doesn’t come easy, though. It’s a natural instinct to be defensive and not want to recognise our own flaws or look at ourselves objectively. It takes lifelong practice and the willingness to be vulnerable and honest with yourself. This program is designed to get you started on that journey.

This short 40-minute microprogram will show you how to increase your internal and external self-awareness, and how to incorporate simple but effective mindfulness habits into your everyday life. 

Before we dive into the program, let's assess your current knowledge of self-awareness with a short quiz ✍️

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