2. Mindfulness is a skill

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Bringing mindfulness into your life can look different for everyone. Some people will enjoy meditation. If you’re new to the concept there are apps and YouTube videos to help guide you. 

Some people prefer an activity to focus on, like focusing on slowly eating an apple, drinking your morning coffee or doing an activity at half speed, like taking a shower or filling the dishwasher. 

Let’s consider some ways that can make room for self-reflection in the hustle and bustle of our lives.

Bring mindfulness into everyday life

Mindfulness is all about observing and being aware of your body, your emotions and accepting them instead of rejecting them as bad and wrong. 

Andy Puddicombe, the co-founder of Headspace, put it this way: “We can’t always change what’s happening around us, but we can change what happens within us.” 

In the video below, he talks about the power of mindfulness and meditation.

It’s not just your mind that will benefit from mindfulness, either – your body will too. Taking just 6-10 slow deep breaths per minute for 10 minutes every day can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

If you struggle with meditation or breathing exercises (yawn…) don’t worry! There are other ways to practice mindfulness that might suit you better.

  • You could start a journal. Just set aside a block of time at the start or end of each day for writing. 
  • You could do physical exercises or sports that require you to be present and aware of your body, like yoga, dancing, or martial arts.
  • You can make time to consciously and regularly question your assumptions and personal biases. 
  • You can ask for feedback, and listen to it without making justifications for your past actions. 
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