1. Learn to accept yourself

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Self-awareness is wasted if it does not result in self-acceptance. Being self-aware involves intensely scrutinising and being honest with yourself.

That means confronting your flaws as well as acknowledging and celebrating your strengths. You’ll have to accept the bad with the good before you can use this deeper level of self-knowledge to focus on improvement. This requires being compassionate towards your failures and accepting where you are while imagining where you want to be. 

Everybody occasionally makes mistakes, behaves in a way that they’re not proud of, and has biases. That’s being human. What defines you is what you do with the self-knowledge you’ve gained – whether or not you put in the hard work and effort to improve yourself. 

As we mentioned, self awareness is emotional intelligence. And as you build compassion for yourself, you will have greater empathy for others.

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