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What you’ll get out of it...

Whether you need to make decisions, analyse the news, or filter through complex information for your job, approaching these situations with a critical thinking mindset and skill set will bring you greater success professionally and personally.

In the workplace critical thinking can make you a more valuable team member. Learning how to think critically will highlight your leadership skills, help you solve problems, make you a creative thinker and improve your work quality.

It’s an essential skill for careers or professions that need you to gather information objectively without bias, analyse it in context, solve creative problems and arrive at realistic solutions. It’s especially useful for careers in law, education, research, medicine, journalism and finance.

When you complete this short, 40-minute microprogram you will understand the importance of critical thinking: from questioning the news and social media, to finding the truth and analysing information. We’ll share plenty of tips and tools to help you improve your critical thinking soft skills.

Let's go!

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