2. The benefits of critical thinking

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There are plenty of benefits beyond just becoming a clearer, better thinker. Here’s how critical thinking can benefit your work and life.

Critical thinkers are goal orientated

By thinking critically and without bias, you’re able to better understand yourself, your motivation and goals – leading to better personal growth and general happiness. That’s a win!

You get better at making decisions

Ever find yourself stuck trying to decide what to order off a menu? That’s a small problem to solve, but having critical thinking skills will help you make big and small decisions more decisively. 

Some professions thrive on it

Want to work in law, education, research, medicine or finance? These fields and so many others require you to think critically.

It helps you sort the truth from the lies

In this information age, we have seemingly unlimited access to knowledge and critical thinkers are best at research and finding the most critical information on any topic.

Critical thinkers are better at self-reflection

Looking at something with objective logic instead of emotions and being able to see several perspectives helps critical thinkers be more self-reflective. It means you can be open to changing your opinion when new information arises.

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