3. Why employers value critical thinking

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Learning how to think critically is a valuable skill for the workplace. It will help you maximise your efficiency at work and the process of thinking things through while also minimising the chance of errors in your actions. Sounds great right? 

Here are some reasons why employers value critical thinking, and – more importantly – how it will help you navigate a 21st-century career.

Critical thinking IS

  • Being skeptical
  • Examining assumptions
  • Challenging reasoning, and
  • Uncovering biases

Critical thinking IS NOT

  • Memorising things
  • Thinking as a group
  • Blindly accepting authority

While a bad boss will want you to take their word as gospel without questions, a good leader will value a team member who shows critical thinking attributes and can challenge the status quo.

Of course, you’re not going to write “critical thinker” on your resume’s list of skills or attributes. 

Instead you might talk about specific skills that fall under the critical thinking umbrella such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Evaluation skills
  • Logical reasoning, and
  • Strategic creativity

Do you feel like you have these skills currently?

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